What are the most popular styles of beards?

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Мужчины с бородами

Nowadays stubble is very popular among men. When beard is properly groomed and suits to his owner, it is not just hair on a face but an adornment of any man. Well-groomed stubble helps to express individuality, to create an image and your own style. Moreover, according to statistics 80% of women prefer men with thick facial hair; they consider such guys more manful and sexier than one who has clean-shaven faces. In view of this reason we offer you to get acquainted with some styles of beards.

Бородатые мужчины

The longest whiskers owner

Hans Langseth, Norwegian by birth had the longest whiskers which were 563,88 cm long. He was a farmer, but some time he travelled with a circus and demonstrated to audience his incredible long facial hair. Many people did not accept that it was real; citizens pulled his whiskers, so Langseth soon got tired of circus performances.

Styles of facial hair

Let’s get a look at some types of facial hair:

Full Beard

This type of whiskers is ideal for confident, courageous men. It is also apt to slightly brutal men, who don’t like to waste much time in front of a mirror grooming facial hair. Such type covers low part of a face: cheeks, chin, sideburns, and neck, it is also connected with moustache. In addition, it takes not much time and efforts to make; all you need is to stop shaving. Full whiskers suit triangle and oval shaped faces. It could be of different length: short and long. An advantage is that such facial hair style will warm you in any cold weather and you can easily change it to another whiskers type you like.

Полная борода


Well-groomed goatee looks great on every man. Especially it suits those who have triangular, round faces or pointy chins. First you need to decide what type of goatee you’d like to wear. If you want to experiment with all styles, you are recommended to start with full goatee. This type is good for men with good growth of hair on the chin and mustache areas and weak on the cheeks. Facial hair under the lower lip is connected with mustache forming oval shape. Another variation of goatee is when facial hair on the chin is not connected with mustache, the so called Van Dyke style. It was extremely fashionable in the 17th century, was revived in the 19th century and is quite trendy among the rougher sex nowadays. You can also grow your hair only on the chin under your lower lip. It’s width identical to the width of the mouth. Such facial hair style prefers Brad Pitt, Idris Elba, Leonardo Dicaprio, Johnny Depp, Bradley Cooper and others.

Звезды с бородами

The chin curtain beard

Such style resembles full whiskers type; the difference is in the absence of mustache. The chin curtain beard is a strip of facial hair that grows from ear to ear along the jaw line. It suits most of all to men with rectangular shaped faces. Abraham Lincoln is the most famous owner of the chin curtain whiskers.

Шкиперская бородка

Even if you are not sure what type of facial hair to choose, just experiment with your appearance and you will find the right choice. Use your imagination and remember you can shave it off and start growing facial hair again. The main thing you should take into consideration is keeping your whiskers clean and neat not depending on its type.

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